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The finest firewood from the heart of the eden valley

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Grant Rowley of Maughanby has a real passion for woodlands, Cumbria, family and any form of competitive sport! Grants aim through Skogs Logs is to produce a product that is enjoyed by customers, benefits the local area, brings woodlands back into management and will leave a lasting legacy, preferaby putting a smile on peoples faces.

Status: Married, 2 children
Drink: Strongbow

Skogs Logs: Grant Rowley
Sandy Kerridge of Skirwith has come through the Skogs Logs Academy with flying colours. Starting on pruning christmas trees, Sandy has now developed a penchant for the high octane revving of his new 560 Husqvarna and his currently honing his chainsaw carving skills. Sandy enjoys a wide range of sports,is deadly on the paintball field and loves working outdoors.In ther evening he relaxes walking Bonnie (his black lab) and surprisingly even enjoys a little bit of baking.

Status: In a relationship
Drink: Not fussy
Skogs Logs: Sandy Kerridge
Stretch of Crackenthorpe, a legend in his own life time, also known as Allan he has lived in the area for nigh on 60 years. Stretch loves cruising in his new sign written van and can sometimes be seen clad in lycra descending hills at great speed. The Skogs team often wonder how he fits into his tight jeans. Stretch is already looking forwrad to the office party!

Status: Married
Drink: Guiness
Skogs Logs: Stretch Armstrong
Daven Thompson of Glassonby is an invaluable member of the Skogs Logs crew. Davo spends much of his time processing logs but can turn his hand to any number of tasks. Davo lists film and volleyball as his passions along with his springer spaniel Evie. He recently passed his driving test after 2 1/2 years of lessons (and a suspected affair) and now plans to travel the worldl in his trusty Ford.

Status: Single
Drink: Port and Blue wicked
Skogs Logs: Daven Thompson
Jack White of Bampton Grange aka Dangerous Brian joined the firm in March 2011, having planted literally thousands of trees jack opted to stick around processing timber whilst learning to make a mean brew of tea. Jacls primary love is crocket and he's a sensation for kendal cricekt club. he aspires to play professionally but admits if this doesnt come off a career in small animal care beckons. Jack is a good worker providing his sugar lows are kept in check but needs to work on his sniping skills.

Status: Confused
Drink: Monster
Skogs Logs: Jack White
Steven Ellwood of Askham has been felling trees since he could walk thriving on danger, Steven loves pushing himself to the limit. During coffee time he can often be seen buffing his new black pick up and trying to remove dents (usually created by sandy!) Steven's secret desire is to learn to play the banjo and visit the southern USA.

Status: Married with 4 children
Drink: TT
Skogs Logs: Steve Ellwood
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